What Is It?

mowstrip installed on fence in yard

Mowstrip is a high-density polyethylene barrier for the bottom of your fence line. It removes the need to trim around fences with string-trimmers or the use of chemicals. It blocks weeds from growing into the fence, and it allows for easy mowing.

The Mowstrip is an easy-to-install weed barrier that lies underneath residential or commercial chain link, vinyl, wood, or ornamental fencing to prevent the intrusion of grass or weeds along new or existing fence line. It is made up of a high-quality, flexible molded high-density polyethylene with a UV-block, so it will not rot, rust, or lose its shape.

The Mowstrip comes in green giving your lawn a well-groomed appearance at all times.

Thanks to the 10"-wide weed barrier, mowing both sides of the fence can be done with less effort and without having to trim or use chemicals.