Uses & Applications

mowstrip installed on fence in yard

Mowstrip can be used in any situation where you are installing or have an existing fence, e.g. parks, churches, homes, schools—you name it! We have the connectors to work with any type of fence.


The most common place you may find Mowstrip with chainlink fence is at the ball park. Let’s be honest, that would be a lot of weed trimming.

Dog Kennels

Mowstrip gives a neat appearance around a dog kennel, and it may deter your pet from digging under the fence.

Vinyl, Wooden, or Trex Fences

We have connectors for all fence types. Our most common area where Mowstrip is used is residential. Mowstrip saves time and money—no weed trimming, no spreading harmful chemicals. This means you have more time to spend doing what you really want.